Local Drunk Detests Gentrification

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Bert, a local drunk from (Redacted), spills his guts over the evils of gentrification:   Time was, I could pass out anywhere I damn well pleased in Northeast. Times change. People change, but not me. I hit the liquor store on New Jersey, everyday, soon as it opens. “Morning, Bert”, Akhmed would say. “Mornin’? Time […]

Child Laborer at Chinese Apple Factory Asks Jared Fogle for PR Job

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Degenerate Nation has obtained a correspondence between a Chinese child laborer at an Apple Factory, and disgraced ex-Subway spokesman Jared Fogle:     Dear Mr. Fogle, My name Xang Xu. I am 8 years old. I live in the Guangdong province of China. Maybe you watch secret videos of girl my age from same province? […]

“I Get Around”: Tupac vs. The Beach Boys

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Arguably the most influential artists in pop and hip-hop, respectively, Brian Wilson and Tupac Shakur each composed smash singles with an identical name, “I Get Around”, and a unifying theme:  Get Ass, Keep Movin’. The Brian Wilson-led Beach Boys and the typically-uncredited “Wrecking Crew” gang of studio musicians defined the distinctive sound of 60s California […]

Sole Authority

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“Sole Authority” By Vladimir Putin I am sole authority on historical record Dinosaurs exist only if I declare it so All wars, flawless victories All rivers flow to Moscow All women, flushed with bombastic fervor of my expunged lust Orgasm always achieve Drainage of totalitarian seed into unworthy orifice of proles never result in conception […]


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“Wife” by Vladimir Putin   Wife is carcinogenic distortion of idealism with nary a moment of release from disappointment Wife is tapeworm feasting on my insides Wife is earwax preventing me from hear Feeble, succulent cries of hapless masses I subjugate I detest Wife’s: scent financial imprudence inability to make borsch barren capacity for exhibit emotion facial […]

Cities of Ash

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Cities of Ash By Vladimir Putin   Soon I will view the fall of free nations former Soviet states, pulverized into gleeful submission as I cruise through cities of ash in my exquisite motorcade Thumbs up, out window Your Master approve    

Emotional Discharge

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 Emotional Discharge By Vladimir Putin I shed no tears for fears of weaker men All men weaker than me I drink your emotional discharge from pimp cup the salt of your wounds and eat your pain with its strange aftertaste of chicken boullion    

Guns. Bears. Mystery Lovers

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“Guns.  Bears.  Mystery Lovers” By Vladimir Putin   Guns Bears Mystery Lovers These I own Everything is possession Gun, BANG.  Murder complete. Bear, I wrestle.  Conquer. Bear acquiesce to me. Bear, now my violent puppet Strange women, bewitched by my power Temporary lovers to subjugate Beneath the shroud of my macho greed Everything is possession, […]

Gun Control

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“Gun Control” By Vladimir Putin The proletariat can not be trusted to possess weapons Guns are designed for great men to holster adjacent to massive genitals and use on those who do not pledge subservience to the State as a violent and necessary tool to enforce the capitulation of such feral-minded fools who do not coalesce […]

Lose Of Virginity

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“Lose of Virginity”  by Vladimir Putin   She was my babysitter. I develop early My puberty like swift vengeance She admired the way I played with my toys How I became their master Build many tower of blocks, just to make crumble before me The seeds of my dominance of Nation and Woman She cultivated […]